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PiGive provides you the opportunity to participate in IGive events that are hosted by individuals, organizations such as sororities, fraternities, faith based institutions and businesses that seek to engage in solving community level problems. We host three types of giving events: IGive Annual Fundraiser Event, Personalized Action Events and, IGive Professional Events.

iGive Annual Fundraiser Event

Our annual fundraiser is held in the fall each year, bringing a new theme and mission. The annual fundraising event is more than a social event to raise funds but a “meeting of the minds” and linking together like-minded individuals seeking social change. The IGive fundraiser allows you to hear first hand about our organization, the people and non-for-profits we serve, success stories, and an up in person account of our future plans.

Personalized Action Event

Do you want to help a family in need? Do you want to provide support to a local non-profit that played a critical role in your professional development? Do you have the desire to help your community but need support? If so, our personalized action events are for you!

PiGive provides you the opportunity to create a personalized action event supported by our staff and volunteers. We will assist you with event support. For example, if you never planned an event and need help with program planning we are here to help. If you are unaware of key stakeholders or how to get volunteers, we are here to help.

Our goal is to help you provide your community with much needed services. If you are interested in participating in these events, email us a brief synopsis of the community you seek to serve, key goals and objectives, target population, a general event idea and detailed contact information.

Based on your synopsis our team will determine event feasibility and if your event objectives fit within our organization’s mission and core values. If we determine that your event fits into our overall organizational mission we will contact you for a more formal meeting and how to move forward to creating your event. Email:

We wish we could have these events in every state, however, we are only participating in personalized events in Western, NY area, North and South Carolina Region, and Atlanta, GA. As our team grows, we plan to expand to other areas.

iGive Professional Event

Are you a clean comedian, hair stylist, barber, fitness instructor or a professional that wants to make an impact in your community? If this is you, IGive professional events allow professionals to use their services to give back to their community.

You offer a service for free and only request that participants donate to PiGive. They can donate socks for our homeless initiative, host an event, volunteer their time, serve as a mentor to our student athletes, or they can give a monetary gift.

If you wish to participate in an IGive professional event please email us at and we will contact you for a more formal meeting and how to move forward with creating your event. You can also participate by coming out to support our events!

Upcoming Events

IFit will be hosted this summer in Charlotte, NC by group professional fitness instructors. The event is free and IFit professionals are requesting that participants bring care packages, socks for the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte and any monetary gifts for PiGive they wish to contribute. More information to come!

Additionally, we have individuals that participate in giving through their employee match programs, bake sales and other fundraisers such as jean day at their workplace. All proceeds are donated to PiGive.

All of the event proceeds are invested in PiGive programs and partnering non-for-profit organizations that are seeking funding to increase their services and programming capacities. These events are organized and structured with our sunflower philosophy in mind, that the seed of giving never stops producing. When you purposed your seed to do something great, it will do just that. Be the change you wish to see in the world!

iGive Events

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