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Modern Doctors

The Doctor’s Club is a mentorship and professional development program that serves women of color undergraduate students and some master level students through a 2-4 year Fellowship. The primary goal of the fellowship program is to assist Young Women of Color in their quest to become a doctor. It is mandatory that the participant’s career objective is one that will lead to a doctoral program. We will be relaunching and accepting applications for the fellowship program in 2025.

In addition to the mentorship and development program, the Doctor’s Club serves as a professional network of women of color seeking social change. We have five levels of engagement include torchbearer, academic board, professional board, mentor and, alumni board. We have developed a solid group of individuals that are social change advocates and that assist in developing future leaders. We have concluded our recruitment process, however, we welcome new participants through current program participant’s referral.

If you find interest in this program or joining the DCLUB network please contact the Program Director,

Danielle Hogans, PharmD at

iRise Doctors Club

**********Currently Not Taking Applications**********

Torchbearer (Invite Only)

Torchbear’s are doctors that serve as visionaries and provide a lens into navigating the world as black women. Torchbearer’s provide the framework for the Doctor’s Club mentorship program. They are the experts in determining the needs of the current workforce and necessary skills required for success. We look to the torchbearers to set the standards of practice and how to train young aspiring leaders.


  1. ​Diversity Advocate

  2. Hold a doctoral degree (any field)

  3. Extensive experience in their respective field

  4. Very successful and well respected leader in the community

  5. Has made significant impact in solving community problems

  6. Passionate about others and seeking social change

  7. Strong leadership qualities (visionary, innovative, creative, forward thinking)

**********Currently Not Taking Applications**********

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