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We are a community participatory resource that supports and engages in social venture projects that seek to improve the social well-being of local communities. We have a national model with a local community focus.

Our main target areas include Education, Health & Wellness, Social Justice and Strengthening families. We seek to explore opportunities to engage in meaningful action towards bringing economic, social justice, health, and education change to all.

PiGive seeks to bridge the gap between resources and community needs by collaborating with societal members as a unified body with a primary goal of social equity and advancement.

About Us

At ProjectiGive, we are committed to empowering communities by fostering collaborative efforts between groups, individuals, and organizations to fund projects that address local-level challenges. Our mission is to build a philanthropic ecosystem that leverages the collective power of giving to create sustainable solutions and drive positive change in the world.


Core Values

ProjectiGive core principles LARP are rooted in the spirit of empowerment.

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