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The founders developed the sunflower philosophy to serve as a guiding principle for creating a system of giving and social change model. PiGive was birthed out of the sunflower philosophy. This philosophy incorporates personal accountability in bearing seeds of growth and affirming what the seed will do.


The nature of the sunflower is a representation of continuous growth. Science indicates that, 1 Sunflower seed produces 1,000 seeds and those seeds have the potential to produce 1,000,000 seeds. Planting seeds of giving creates an endless flow and system of continuous giving. The sunflower teaches us the very essence of giving and we believe it is the foundation to solving societal problems because 1 seed can save 1,000 and that 1,000 can save 1,000,000.

Giving can come in many forms such as, volunteerism, time, expertise, story sharing, personal lifestyle and accountability. Lastly, you can give through monetary support. Any way you choose to give, we encourage that you give your gift a purpose. Affirm and visualize your gift manifesting into something great!

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