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Marble Pillars

Research Programs

The CHERJ is lead by DR. LaDrea Ingram and through her families affirming models of emotional healing lab. The multidisciplinary nature of our research has been the major strength of our social justice efforts. Keep reading to find out what we are currently investigating.

We are currently accepting participants in our current area of research that studies the triad relationship

Deep South Family Study

Fam-EH! Lab

We are currently accepting participants in our current area of research that studies the triad relationship

We are a community participatory resource that supports and engages in social venture projects that seek to improve the social well-being of local communities. We have a national model with a local community focus.

Our main target areas include Education, Health & Wellness, Social Justice, and Strengthening Families. We seek to explore opportunities to engage in meaningful action towards bringing economic, social justice, health, and education change to all. 


Are You Interested in Joining Our Current Study?

*Every participant receives a $20 incentive

The purpose of this research study is to help us understand more about families and factors that influence overall health choices and psychological well-being in African American women.

If you decide to participate, you will be asked to complete a 40-45 minute survey. After completing the survey, you may also be invited to participate in a follow-up in-person interview. If you agree to participate, the interview will last approximately 60 minutes and will follow-up on survey responses.

Benefits include the opportunity to make a significant contribution in the development of a family based program that seeks to promote emotional healing. Participants will receive an incentive payment of $20 for their participation. African American women

(18 – 24 years of age) and their mother and grandmother are eligible to participate.

If you answered YES to these questions, you may be eligible to participate in a family based research study.




NIMH R25 Pilot Grant (R25-MH08721-Pilot). The development of a culturally tailored intergenerational Triad intervention to reduce substance abuse, improve psychological wellness, and sexual health outcomes in African American women with adverse childhood experiences. Role: Pilot PI.


University of South Carolina, Office of the Vice President of Research. “HIV Stigma-Related Trauma” in African-American HIV-Positive Women: A mixed-method approach to measure development. PI: Alyssa Robillard. Role: Co-I.
University of South Carolina, Office of the Vice President of Research. A life-course approach to examining the intersections of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), race/ethnicity, and intergenerational trauma in young African American women living with HIV. Role: PI
NIH/NICHD 1U19HD089875-01. Adolescent Trials Network (ATN)-Effectiveness- implementation research to enhance HIV-related self-management among youth. Exploratory, Preparation, Implementation, Sustainment (EPIS) Project. MPIs: Stanton, Naar, Parsons Role: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Implementation Science and Analytic Core
Ryan White Part B: Client Needs Assessment. Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA). Subcontract from the Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group. Role: Post-Doc Project Consultant​
University Office of the Provost. Teachers College, Columbia University. Provost Doctoral Dissertation Grant (DDG). Competitive merit-based grant awarded to doctoral students completing a dissertation. Role: PI.
Evaluation of a sports-based HIV prevention program for at-risk adolescents in Washington, DC. Contract from The Grassroots Project (TGP), Athletes United for Social Justice. PI: Rick Zimmerman Role: Consultant/Research Associate.

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