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Team Putting Fists Together In Huddle

iHuddle Teen

This is a national initiative that seeks to provide life-skills, social skills, civic engagement, mentorship, financial literacy and overall life goal setting/administration to high school students 9th-12th grade or 13-18 years old. The program also seeks to support college student athletes with scholarships, financial literacy, civic engagement and mentorship.

The program incorporates the concepts found in the revolving identification model. This concept is to provide lower preforming students with regular enrichment experiences that revolve into creative experiences further increasing their learning aptitude and educational attainment. The college student athletes mentor the high school student athletes and former collegiate athletes or professional athletes will mentor the college student athletes. The program also incorporates the rising tide lifts all ships approach through encouraging students to identify and participate in innovated approaches in solving community problems through PiGive civic engagement projects. The student will meet as group once a year for a “Huddle” to share experiences. The yearly meeting will have include professional athletes, former student athletes, entrepreneurs, academic scholars and corporate leaders .

A second component of this program is the development of a National Athletic Alumni Association/Speakers Bureau. The Speakers Bureau will be used to assist partner organizations with speaking engagement support. The Bureau will be administered through PiGive. The primary goal is to provide students athletes the network needed to support their life mission. This mission can include professional athletics, becoming an entrepreneur, spiritual leader or all three and more. The Inspiration Huddle will start as a pilot program in Charlotte, NC with IH Conference Kick Off in August 2015. The program will expand and further developed in year 2 (2016) of the organizational strategic plan.

iHuddle Teen Leadership Development

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