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iScholar College Readiness  


The iScholar program includes a 12-week seminar for students 7-12 grade. The seminar includes 120-minute workshops. The seminar seeks to provide college readiness skills to include, executive functioning, self-advocacy, assistance in the college selections and application process, essay writing, scholarship applications, funding opportunities, FASFA, and the NCAA Clearing House requirements (for student athletes). Additional college readiness skills include, skills to overcome social adversities. Our goal is to provide students with college readiness skills while changing their perspectives regarding how to handle social adversity.


  1. Increase student motivation, preparation and desire for secondary education

  2. Increase the student’s ability to achieve positive academic outcomes while enriching their academic community

  3. Increase their awareness of social adversities and provide opportunities to identify solutions

  4. Increase parental participation in the college readiness process


It is our belief that educating students on the college admission process, funding opportunities and resources in combination with providing skills to overcome social adversity will assist us in meeting our objectives.

Overcoming Social Adversities Is Integrated Throughout The Seminar

  • Recognizing or understanding barriers and how to address them

  • Affirmations, Motivational tools to increase self-efficacy

  • Creating Transformative Learning Environment to include critical thinking, storytelling, use of music and other creative mechanism’s

  • We don’t just give the students the lesson but we seek to provide transformative experiences that lead to real life applications

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