One of our core values is LOVE and in a mission to carry out initiatives that incorporate our core values we are bringing gifts, love and cheer to families in need. In 2016, PiGive partnered with Palisades Park Elementary School in Charlotte, NC to provide  approximately 20+ children with basic needs (food and clothes) and special wish items for Christmas.


This upcoming school year PiGive plans to donate to at least three schools for our iGive Angel’s initiative. In your support of iGive Angel's we will help to bring Christmas joy to children in need. Please join us as we seek to spread love and holiday cheer to families in need. Donations will be collected TBA. All proceeds that are collected for iGive Angels will be presented to select Elementary Schools.

The iAngels program will also support a school lunch debt initiative. Our goal is to pay off outstanding school lunch debt in at least two schools in the Charlotte area. 



Thank You

in advance from

PiGive, the families and their Angels.