iFather National Fatherhood Initiative

Projectigive presents it's latest initiative iFather national fatherhood initiative.

Ronnell Ingram Sr, PiGive co-founder is a father of 5 children ages ranging from 10 years to 1 years old. In addition to being a father, Ronnell has been working with youth for the last 7 years. He knows the importance of youth having a positive father figure in their lives. He truly understands the importance of fatherhood and embraces the model of expressing fatherhood through its multiple dimensions.

Ronnell’s experience as a Father and work with youth led him to believe this is the season to introduce the iFather National Fatherhood Initiative.The iFather initiative will provide mentoring to boys and young men that do not have a father or father figures in their lives. We will also be developing and building Fathers.

The iFather initiative seeks to move beyond developing the strong man but developing the whole man. We are currently looking for like minded Fathers to join this initiative. We are also seeking to develop partnerships with Fathers, educational systems and, local government agencies throughout the country.

Foundational Principle of “Present”:  A father is present when they are in place and currently existing in the lives of those they father. We are seeking to build Fathers that are present and not absentee. We are also seeking to Father the Fatherless and those with absentee Fathers.

2022 GOALS 

Build and Develop 12 Whole Men and Young Men
Build and Train 6 Fathers
Build and Develop 6 Fatherless Sons



A father must be present to: